Louisiana Lottery Players Strike It Big In March With Over $30 Million In Winnings

Posted on April 16, 2021

March was a lucrative month for lottery players in Louisiana.

According to the latest figures, the Louisiana Lottery Corporation handed out more than $30 million last month.

The winnings were in large part generated from the state’s scratch-off and draw-style games, which totaled $22.2 million and $8.8 million, respectively.

A good month for Louisiana Lottery players

Combined, March’s total stands as the highest amount in winnings generated in 2021.

That total represents an increase from the $29.3 million won between draw-style and scratch-off games in January ($10.4 million and $18.9 million, respectively) and $25.3 million in February ($9.7 million and $15.6 million).

“More than 28,000 Power Play purchasers won an extra $316,352 in addition to their regular Powerball prizes for a total of $494,515 in winnings,” Lottery President Rose Hudson said in a media release.

“Also, more than 19,000 Megaplier purchasers won a bonus total of $124,668 in addition to their regular Mega Millions prizes for $208,216 in total winnings.”

Louisiana Lottery players also claimed an additional $3.7 million in free-ticket prizes in March. And, as in all lottery scenarios, remember the Cardinal rule: Don’t lose a winning ticket.

“We encourage players to sign the back of their tickets immediately after purchasing and to check them promptly after the drawing,” Hudson said. “Even if a ticket does not win the jackpot, it could have won another prize.”

Big winner nets six-figure prize

March’s biggest lottery winner in Louisiana took home $150,000. The prize came on a Powerball with a Power Play match-4 + PB winning ticket.

Other significant draw-style winnings included a $50,000 Powerball match-4 + PB prize. In addition, two tickets won $20,000 and $10,000 apiece.

Pick 3 winning tickets tallied $3.5 million, while Pick 4 tickets totaled $3.2 million.

The month’s second-biggest prize was an Easy 5 jackpot prize that paid out nearly $147,000. That win brought the Easy 5 winnings to more than $303,000. An additional $143,000 were won on ezmatch, an online option that allows instant wins but costs an additional $1.

Lottery sales continue to benefit public education

Even losing tickets weren’t a total loss.

Like in other states, the Louisiana Lottery plays a role in public education.

In fiscal year 2020, the Lousiana Lottery transferred 35% of sales to the state treasury. From there, the money went to the Minimum Foundation Program. That program is meant to help fund K-12 public education in the state, in part through block grants sent to school districts.

More than 54% of lottery sales, meanwhile, were used to pay winnings.

To get a hold of those winnings, though, players must remember that because of COVID-19, members of the public can visit lottery claims offices by appointment only.

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