Super Bowl 2024

Everybody knows about the Super Bowl, even people who aren’t football fans. Even puppies have the “Puppy Bowl” on the same day! More bets happen for the Super Bowl than any other sporting event (well, we don’t know about the Puppy Bowl).

Seasoned pro gamblers and newbies alike get in on the day’s action, sending vast amounts of money through the sportsbooks in the year leading up to the Big Game.

Put that fact together with the recent launch of retail and tribal sports betting in Louisiana, and Super Bowl Sunday 2024 could be an excellent day for sports-betting football fans in the Pelican State! Now Louisianans can make everything from moneyline bets to in-game props. Online sports betting might even be accessible by game day, though it looks iffy right (now.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to make Super Bowl bets in Louisiana, including live Super Bowl odds.

2024 Super Bowl odds

Louisiana sportsbooks have a variety of Super Bowl bets available. Whether you want to bet on the winner of the next Super Bowl or who will make the playoffs, the LA futures market has plenty of betting options. The latest Super Bowl futures odds from sportsbooks in Louisiana are listed below.

Super Bowl betting options will be updated with moneyline, spread, and total odds for the Big Game when they are set. Don’t have an account at the sportsbook you want to bet on? Just click on the sportsbook logo to set one up.

What is the line, and why does it move?

The “line” determines the gambling margin between the game’s favorite and the underdog. The line moves because of a) betting action or b) new information.

  1. Sportsbooks try to keep their action balanced, so sometimes they adjust the line to encourage more opposing action.
  2. Say a star quarterback — or any player — sustains an injury before the game. That can significantly impact the game’s potential outcome in the view of oddsmakers, and lines will adjust to reflect that.

As a result, either could be a tighter spread or a reversal of the underdog and favorite.

Accordingly to, it’s generally thought that the opening line is the “truest representation” of what a bookmaker feels of the game in question.

What are the most popular Super Bowl bets?

In particular, the four most popular Super Bowl bets are:

  • Moneyline (also known as “win bets”)
  • Point spread
  • Totals (also known as the “over/under”)
  • Prop bets

Moneyline (Win Bet)

Let’s start at the very beginning: The moneyline bet is the do-re-mi (or A-B-C) of sports betting. It’s the most essential sports bet you can make. It’s the meat and potatoes of the betting world. There are odds listed for the two opposing teams, and you bet on the one you think will win. (Thus, the moneyline bet’s other name in some places, “the Win Bet”).

From here, it might be a little bit confusing. The odds below are called “American odds,” with a plus sign, minus sign, and a three-digit number. Say you see them listed like this at BetMGM online sportsbook in Louisiana:

  • New Orleans Saints (-110)
  • Buffalo Bills (+110)

Maybe surprisingly, or at least counterintuitively, even with that minus sign, this tells you that the Saints are favored to win. The plus sign indicates the underdog, and the bigger the number following the plus sign, the more of an underdog they are. Sometimes there is no strongly favorited entrant, so the difference between the odds may be slight.

If you want to win $100, you’ll have to bet the amount of the negative number. (Bets differ, so you might want to use a betting calculator to figure out the possible payout; you can find betting calculators online).

As an example, in this case, you bet $110 on the Saints, and they win — your payout is $210 (your bet plus $100). Good for you!

Say you bet on the Bills to win. The “+110” means you’ll receive $100 if you bet successfully. That plus the amount of your bet means the payout is $210. Good for you!

Above all, it is crucial to know a negative number is the favorite and the positive number indicates the underdog. Make sure you get the best odds available on a moneyline bet by checking out different sportsbooks.

Point Spread

Opposing Super Bowl teams are usually pretty evenly matched. But that might not be the case in other matches.

In addition, the “point spread” gives points to the underdog to make the game more “even.” If the underdog wins the game or loses by fewer points than indicated, they’ll be the winning bet here.

The favorite also has to take the game, and more points will be on the list as the winning bet.


Another term for this kind of bet is the over/under. And it doesn’t matter who wins or loses for an over/under bet (or how they play the game — disproving that old chestnut in this one instance) — the only factor is the combined score at the final buzzer or bell.

Oddsmakers predict the total of the two teams’ scores combined. So if they think Team A will beat Team B in a game with a final score of 30-13, the listing for the over would be more than 43.5, and for the under, it would be less than 43.5.

The sportsbook listing might look like this on the DraftKings app or Caesars mobile app in Louisiana:

  • Over 43.5 (-110)
  • Under 43.5 (-110)

Say the make-believe game that this listing applies to has a score of Saints 36, the Bulls, 10. With a game total of 46 points, “over” bettors win, “under” bettors lose.

Futures bets for the Super Bowl

“Futures bets” means just what it says. With a futures bet, you’re not betting on a game or other sports event that happens soon; it could be weeks, months, even a year or more away. One advantage is that a futures bet might offer better odds than a standard moneyline bet. And you can make a future bet on anything from single-player awards to team accomplishments, even league outcomes.

For instance, the earlier you bet, the more money you’ll likely win if you win.

Futures wagers commonly begin as long odds. Oddsmakers will tighten them as the event draws nearer, according to any new info that becomes available —a player being injured or traded, for example. Odds can be reactive: A change in one team’s odds may affect another team’s odds. Odds can change because of the total dollar amount of bets placed on one team.

Futures bets seem to be popular with new bettors.

Super Bowl prop bets

Prop (short for “proposition”) bets can be fun. They’re pretty much little side bets you make with a sportsbook. They’re small stakes and small wagers (usually just a few hundred dollars). Sometimes they’re even silly; see our “Gatorade bath” section. They can happen during a game, unlike future bets. They can be hard to research and handicap, but you should still try.

Furthermore, there are lots of them for the Super Bowl. And with many — or even most — prop bets, the game’s outcome doesn’t matter.

If you’d made a prop bet that prop bets would get more popular in the 1980s, you would have won. And from the ’80s on, they’ve picked up steam. And you might say prop bets today are as much a part of the Super Bowl as the half-time show.

Prop bets can be divided into two types: skilled and fun. Skilled bets rely on a knowledge of things like statistics and player abilities. Fun bets are — well, just what they sound like! See the “Gatorade bath” later.

“Who will score first?” is a popular prop bet.

Furthermore, the most popular prop bet is: Which player will be the Super Bowl MVP?

Well, 31 quarterbacks have been Super Bowl MVPs, so there seems always to be a good chance the MVP will be a quarterback. (Tom Brady racked up the MVP-ship five times).

Of course, there are exceptions, like wide receiver Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots in 2019. Four linebackers have won MVP, including Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.

Another famous Super Bowl prop bet is on the coin toss, the simplest being “heads or tails?” There’s not much researching or handicapping on this one; it’s 50/50 every time, and it’s just luck.

Super Bowl betting guide

Have a betting strategy. Prop bets can be hard to research and are usually guesses, but when it comes to any other bets: First, do your homework. The easiest way to lose money is to bet blindly, so gather as much knowledge as you can on your bet.

Set a betting limit. Once you decide on your bankroll, stick to it. When you’ve used up the money you’ve placed, don’t dip into your other funds if you find another wager that seems worth it. And never chase lost bets.

Shop around. Signing up for a legal online sportsbook costs you nothing, so check out different sportsbooks for the best lines and the best odds.

Where in Louisiana you can make a Super Bowl sports bet

In addition to Louisiana’s online sportsbooks, nine Louisiana casinos have sportsbooks:

  • Boomtown Casino and Hotel, New Orleans
  • Golden Nugget, Lake Charles
  • Harrah’s New Orleans
  • Horseshoe Bossier City Hotel and Casino
  • L’Auberge Casino Hotel in Baton Rouge
  • L’Auberge Casino Resort, Lake Charles
  • Margaritaville Resort Casino, Bossier City
  • Boomtown Casino & Hotel, Bossier City
  • Coushatta Casino Resort, Kinder

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl history

In the books, the year 2010 went down as the Saints took home the Vince Lombardi trophy after defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. That was Super Bowl XLIV.

However, the team’s 1967 start didn’t precisely foreshadow their Super Bowl championship years later. Twenty years passed before they had their first winning season, and during that time, fans nicknamed them “the ‘Aints.”

Super Bowl numbers

These are the top six teams in terms of Super Bowl wins:

  • New England Patriots – 6
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 6
  • Dallas Cowboys – 5
  • San Francisco 49ers – 5
  • New York Giants – 4
  • Green Bay Packers – 4

In other words, here are the players with the most Super Bowl wins:

  • Tom Brady – 7
  • Charles Haley – 5

Thirty-two other players have each won four Super Bowls.

In addition, the highest-scoring Super Bowl game was Super Bowl XXIX on January 29, 1995. The San Diego Chargers lost 49-26 to the San Francisco 49ers, for 75 points.

February 3, 2019, saw the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in the history of Super Bowls. The New England Patriots outplayed the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. The opening line (the first bettable set of odds or lines for a game or sports event) for the over/under on this game was 59 points, the highest in Super Bowl history. Early “under” bettors came out pretty happy. It would seem.

Super Bowl FAQ

What color will Gatorade get dumped on this year’s winning Super Bowl coach?

However, we’re not psychic, we can’t answer that, but this question is often a popular prop bet. After last year’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bucs were ecstatic, and the Gatorade dumped on Coach Bruce Arians’ head was blue. Overall, Gatorade-Super Bowl stats are:

  • Orange – 33%
  • Clear – 20%
  • Yellow – 13.3%
  • Blue – 13.3%

In other words, the “Gatorade bath” (or “Gatorade shower”) started as a ritual in the 1980s. It started making a splash as a prop bet in the 1990s and remains popular today.

What is the biggest Super Bowl bet?

In 2021 the biggest Super Bowl bet was $3.46 million on the underdog Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +3.5. A Texas businessman whose customers call him “Mattress Mack” made the wager and received a payout of $6.18 million.

However, the same bettor previously lost quite a bundle on Super Bowl LIV in 2019 and another on a World Series.

Although, it’s all fun and games until someone loses their shirt. Stick to your betting limit.

When can you bet on Super Bowl 2025?

Pretty much right after Super Bowl 2024 comes to an end. Not kidding. Next year’s Super Bowl bets start immediately, right after the previous one. It’s a great time to make a future bet with long odds.

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