Things We Wish We Could Bet On For Mardi Gras In Louisiana

Posted on March 1, 2022

No one should be serious on Mardi Gras. Like Ever. So we won’t be.

Mardi Gras is the world’s greatest free party. The city of New Orleans is overtaken by a feeling of joy. There are parades, costumes, signs, drinks (lots of drinks). If you can’t have a good time at Mardi Gras, then you just can’t have a good time.

Louisiana has gotten a taste of a good time at one of the various online sports betting apps open for business. While we love our Mardi Gras, we also love our teams — the Saints, Pelicans, Tigers, Green Wave and Lions too.

So what if we combined the two? Here are some of the things we wish you could bet on for Mardi Gras. The only sure thing is you’ll have fun.

Over/under on Zulu starting

One of the greatest moments of the whole Mardi Gras season is the final day with the Krewe of Rex and Zulu parading down the streets. The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club (real name) starts first with Rex to follow.

But Zulu traditionally, never, ever starts at 8 a.m. local time.

So let’s set the over/under on Zulu starting – 8:23 a.m.

What’s the most valuable throw?

Parades are no longer just about catching beads and cups, but those are both nice. Different krewes have more unique throws to bring in goers, leading to the debate of what throw is the best.

Here are the hypothetical odds on the best Mardi Gras throw:

  • The Zulu Coconut 2-1
  • The shoe from Muses 9-2
  • Purses from Nyx 20-1
  • Sunglasses from Iris 25-1
  • King Arthur Grails 30-1

Who’s got the longest float?

Mardi Gras is a spectacle of craftsmanship and color on the floats. Each year it seems the themes get more, shall we say unique, and the floats are now trains with krewes making them longer and bigger.

Here are the odds on what parade has the longest single float:

  • Endymion 8-5
  • Orpheus 12-1
  • Bacchus 15-1
  • Iris 40-0

What’s the best marching band?

You can’t have a good parade without a good marching band (or two). College and high school bands have long been a part of Mardi Gras. They bring the beat.

And of course, there’s plenty of debate on who is the best. The hypothetical Mardi Gras odds on best band:

  • St. Augustine 4-1
  • Grambling 12-1
  • Southern University 12-1
  • Edna Karr High School 20-1

Who is the best dance troop?

One of the newer Mardi Gras traditions is the rise of the community dance troop. They have become a parade staple with their rhythmic beauty or folly.

It’s all good, whether they’re in step, or not. Odds on best dance troop:

  • 610 Stompers 3-2
  • Pussyfooters 5-1
  • Disco Amigos 7-1
  • Rolling Elvi 10-1
  • Laissez Fair Boys 12-1

Hail to the queen

Hail Rex! Our King and Queen of Carnival this year are James Reiss III and his Queen Elinor Pitot White. Reiss is a graduate of Ole Miss and bank Vice-President.

His queen is now a senior at the University of Texas. Long-time carnival watchers love to know just where the Queen is in school. So let’s make it a thing.

What college will next year’s Queen attend?

  • University of Virginia 3-1
  • Vanderbilt University 5-1
  • University of Maryland 10-1
  • Brown University 25-1

Ladder match

They call it the Krewe of Chad. People who stake out places on the parade routes hours (or even days) ahead of time to make sure they are in line to get the good throws.

Some of the scenes are elaborate with RVs or portable grills and ladders arranged so they are eye-to-eye with the floats to get the best throws. It’s also totally wrong.

The police are forced to come and take down ladders every year that are set up ahead of time.

Over/under on ladders confiscated on Mardi Gras: 223.5

None of these bets are real of course, but they’re meant to show that Mardi Gras is truly a day like no other. Grab some king cake, catch some beads and pass a good time.

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