Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets For Sports Bettors In Louisiana

Posted on February 9, 2022

Just because our beloved New Orleans Saints aren’t playing in the Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t mean Louisiana doesn’t have a rooting interest.

We sure aren’t cheering for the Los Angeles Rams, after the infamous no-call in the NFC Championship game in 2019. And the fact that if the Rams had just beaten the 49ers in Week 17 the season the Saints would have made the playoffs.

Enter the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The Bengals have quarterback Joe Burrow, who was a superstar at LSU, leading the Tigers to the national championship. The Bengals have a trio of ex-Saints on defense, and well, we know that we said “Who Dat?” first, but we will give Bengal fans their “Who Dey?” rallying cry?

Plus the Bengals are the underdog. DraftKings has the Rams as four-point favorites and the over/under at 48.5. Come kickoff on NBC Sunday, most of Louisiana will be rooting for Cincinnati.

Almost all of Louisiana can bet on Sunday’s game at a great online sportsbook. The Super Bowl has an incredible variety of prop bets to make viewing the game exciting. Too bad the Saints aren’t in it.

Here are some of the best prop bets for football fans in Louisiana.

Brrr is hot

Joe Burrow, now nicknamed Brrr for his cool play, endeared himself to football fans in Louisiana by embracing the culture and winning the Heisman Trophy helped.

There are dozens of prop bets on Burrow’s performance Sunday.

FanDuel has the Ohio native as +230 to win the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award. The Barstool Sportsbook has him at +225. Rams QB Matthew Stafford is the favorite.

DraftKings has odds on Burrow to score the first TD of the game as +3000 (quarterback sneak, anyone?) and to score any time at +500.

Burrow’s arm

At DraftKings, Burrow is +1100 to score and for his Bengals to win. Then you can start talking about just how many yards he will throw for. Over 375 yards and three touchdowns are +1100. Over 375 and four touchdowns are +2000.

How about his longest completion of the game? DraftKings has the over/under set on that as 38.5.

Will Burrow throw an interception first or a touchdown first? FanDuel has TD first at -280 and an interception at +210.

Burrow’s legs

LSU fans sure remember Burrow making some plays with his feet and he’s shown that ability in the Bengals playoff run. DraftKings has Burrow’s rushing total pegged at 11.5 over/under.

It has his longest run set at 8.5 yards.

The old black and gold

Former Saints defensive end Trey Hendrickson has had a good year with the Bengals with 13 sacks this season.

DraftKings lists his odds at getting a sack Sunday as -125 Yes and +105 No. FanDuel’s odds are slightly different at -138 for Yes and +108 for No.

Then there are the two ex-Saints playing in the Bengals secondary. Will Eli Apple make an interception Sunday? He made just two for the Saints in two years. DraftKings says +700 for Yes and -1200 for No. FanDuel says +640 for Yes and -1450 for No.

Vonn Bell is +800 to make an interception on the DraftKings board and -1600 not to.

The safety dance

One of the most popular prop bets at the Super Bowl is whether there will be a safety in the game. There have been nine safeties in Super Bowl history, the first in Super Bowl IX by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That game was at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans – my great aunt was there, Lord, I miss her jambalaya.

Since then, there have been eight more. The last one was in Super Bowl XLVIII by the Seattle Seahawks. Barstool has the odds of there being a safety Sunday as +750 to happen and -1250 not.

The specials

If you are looking for more off-beat Super Bowl prop bets, Barstool is your best bet. They have a ton.

Will the final play of Super Bowl LVI be a kneel-down by the quarterback? Barstool has it as -190 Yes and +150 for No.

Will the opening kickoff be returned for a touchdown? It’s only happened once, by Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears. Yes, will get you +5000.

They even list coaching challenges at Barstool. The over/under on the number of instant replay coaching challenges Sunday is 1.5.

You can bet on the first play. Pass +105, Run -130 at Barstool.

Will there be overtime? Saints fans love to remind Atlanta Falcons fans of this one. It’s only happened once. Hahaha, Falcons. 

This year the odds at FanDuel for overtime are +1040 to happen.

As always, you can even bet on the toss of the coin. Heads or Tails are both -103.

The future

When the game ends, the action isn’t completely over. The sportsbooks already have odds posted on the winner of Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona in 2023. The Rams are third on the board at +1000, while the Bengals are +1200.

Our Saints are +3000.

Photo by Jeff Dean / Associated Press
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